"Guitar pickups are musical instruments." -Joce Dominger

Joce and Tammie Dominger started creating custom
guitar pickups in 2012 in Somes Bar, Northern California.

Joce designs and builds them with the finest materials,
while Tammie carefully hand-winds them and adds artisan finishes.

Now based in South Carolina, this passionate couple's
dedication to quality and attention to every detail
are highly regarded by luthiers and musicians alike.



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But remember, we're about killer tone.
The finishing is the icing on the cake.





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(All models have bridge and neck versions and have excellent splits.)


  • Custom '58
    Open, bright and true to the early PAF spirit.

  • Whiskeyssipi
    For the lovers of deep, creamy tone with responsive touch.

  • Transformer
    A Fender-y single coil sound, but in a noiseless humbucker.

"Anyone looking for an old-school Les Paul sound should try a
Whiskey neck and Custom '58 bridge combination

Medium Output :


  • Outlaw
    Overwound, while still being a PAF. The choice for classic rock.

  • Special V
    Our most balanced humbucker, with enough power when you want it.

  • Hummelbucker
    Specially made for Hummel Guitars, biting tone with balls.

  • Rising Sun
    Very warm and singing, turns a bright guitar into a thick beast.

"The Special V neck is killer with the Rising Sun bridge,
pushing the amp while retaining complete versatility


Modern :

  • Flaming Pepper
    Let your hair grow and play some heavy-metal with this spicy one.

  • The Raw
    Joce's favorite, a screamin' machine with incredible accuracy.

  • BG Blaster
    Made for Benoit Guibert Guitares, agressive and laser-sharp lowend.

  • Bucking Bull
    Crushing tone, designed for metalheads who want maximum impact.

"The 'Desert Falcon' set, wich is a Raw Neck and Bucking Bull Bridge
is a favorite for hi-gain, with excellent, clear splits



Strat :

  • Hippie
    Crystaline, glassy, shimmering... the tone of the psychedelic years.

  • Stinger
    Enough power to rock the house, while still sounding like a strat.

  • Single Shot
    Fat and greasy, with hints of P90 attitude.

  • Wiseguy
    True single coil sound, but made for hi-gain players.

"Many strat lovers use the combination of a Hippie for Neck & Middle
with a Stinger in the bridge for total flexibility."


Tele :

  • Frontierman
    Old-school twang, in all its glory. Killer for country and funk.

  • Golden Gate
    Very dynamic, from clean to crunch. A session player's favorite.

  • Rebel
    Overwound, hot and ballsy, with a big fat bottom end.

  • Hitman
    Turn your Telecaster into fire-breathing metal machine.

"Our Tele sets are designed to work in perfect synergy
as neck & bridge, no need to mix and match."


P90 :
(All models are available in soapbar, dog-ear and P94 format)

  • Slick's Pick
    Authentic 50's tone, bright, snarly and very expressive.

  • Alchemy
    Dark magic for the rock and stoner wizards.

  • Twin Charger
    A mean P100 stack, but splittable for true P90 operation.

"For a fantastic blues set that will go from sensitive cleans
to wailing overdrive, try a Slick Neck with an Alchemy bridge."



  • The Thumper
    Dominger's special recipe for the ideal classic P-Bass pickup.

  • Killer Whale
    Massive lowend power that will make your P-Bass go into the deep.

  • Jazz Cat
    Mixing the best of 60s and 70s eras into an superbly balanced J-set.

  • Carburator
    Bass humbuckers so high-octane you won't need a preamp, crisp splits.

"The Thumper paired with a Jazz Cat bridge is an incredibly
versatile combination, ready for any style."




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When we say "Custom Pickups", we mean it.
Every single pickup is made specifically for every single client.

Please do tell us what ideas you have for your base pickup
and we will tweak it specifically. That's 'custom made'.

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Q. I've seen boutique builders charging much more for their pickups.
How come yours are this cheap ? Is there a catch ?

A. No catch. We are guitar players first, and an artisans second. We're far from big business people. We love what we do, and we believe our pickups are among the best, but they should not be reserved to an exclusive elite. That's why we only sell direct as well.

Q. I got this crazy idea ! Could you build a __ pickup for my __ guitar ?

A. Sure ! We are used to getting asked to do all kind of crazy builds.
Just shoot us an email and we'll send you a quote.

Q. What are the inductance of your pickups ? The resistance ? What kind of alnico does this model use ? What about resonant peak ?

A. We don't talk about all those things unless specifically asked to,
even though we generally do use Alnico 3, 5, 8, Ceramic magnets. Inductance, resistance and resonant peak can all be misguiding, and we'd rather talk to you directly about what would fit you best.




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